Introduction to artificial intelligence

Sebastian Thrun and Peter Norvig will be teaching an online course in artificial intelligence starting in October. Sign up here. Stanford School of Engineering already has a number of courses freely available online, including introductions to computer science, robotics, natural language processing, and machine learning. (Brad Osgood’s series on the Fourier transform is of particular relevance to visual and auditory scientists.)


Do you see what I see?

BBC’s Horizon screened a documentary last week called Do you see what I see? It’s premised on the idea that colour vision is an “illusion”. I can see why the notion is appealing—and I’m sympathetic to certain versions of it—but in the end the programme doesn’t manage much more than a superficial treatment. Which is a shame, because I think their 1984 Colourful Notions still holds up well today (watch it on YouTube here). Their latest effort is still worth a look, though, as there are plenty of interesting moments.

Watch Do you see what I see? on iPlayer (unfortunately U.K. only, I believe—though there are a few short segments available on YouTube).