Olivia Carter on Consciousness


Colleague and collaborator Olivia Carter, with philosopher Jakob Hohwy, spoke recently to David Lipson on ABC’s Lateline about brains and consciousness.

Watch the video here.


Attention: Philosophical and Psychological Essays

Attention CoverAlex and I wrote a review of the book Attention: Philosophical and Psychological Essays (Mole, Smithies, & Wu, eds.) for Philosophy in Review, an open access journal. It was published online today here.

Portraits of European Neuroscientists

Karl PearsonPortraits of European Neuroscientists is a lovely new website from perceptual psychologist Nick Wade, visual neurophysiologist Marco Piccolino and web designer Adrian Simmons. The site pairs concise biographies with portraits that reflect a scientist’s contribution to the field. Some of my favourites—which also include this portrait of Pearson—are Wheatstone, Brücke and Panum. This is a particularly good resource for anyone teaching psychology or neuroscience, but it’s worth a good look in any case.

Sixty symbols

A family friend put me on to the great Sixty Symbols (cheers, Cam)—a collection of videos featuring academics at the University of Nottingham. Each one is focused on a symbol with some important meaning in physics: γ links to a five-minute explanation of the Lorenz factor and time dilation; ψ to ten minutes on the wave function. Here’s Laurence Eaves and Mark Fromhold on chaos and the butterfly effect.

When you’re done, there’s also a chemistry sister site, The Periodic Table of Videos.

Bad science

Ben Goldacre has a new TED talk. It’s very good, and worth watching even if you’re already familiar with his work exposing bad, and often dangerous, science.

In fact, 76% of all of the trials that were done on [reboxetine] were withheld from doctors and patients. Now if you think about it, if I toss a coin a hundred times, and I’m allowed to withhold from you the answers half the time, then I can convince you that I have a coin with two heads.

His blog, Bad Science, is usually great read (as is his secondary blog).